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The Role of Mothers

It's amazing that other articles who also posted this news received plentiful negative comments, many by women. I think that its great to see such a prominent figure standing up (quite literally) and normalising breastfeeding.

Teenage mums may feel less inclined to breastfeed  due to how they view their bodies and yet the statistics show the huge importance that breastmilk plays in the lives of both babies and mothers. 

With the constant changes that Government keeps on making to family payments women are being forced back into the workforce quicker and quicker. Until you actually experience breastfeeding for yourself it is incredibly difficult to imagine just how time consuming the process is. Babies basically snack all day long, 24hrs/7 days per week. If you can, while they are still immobile; take them to work and feed them! What a great solution to help juggle all the things that keep life as a family unit ticking along. The loss of living as a tribe has done us no favours. I say, "Well Done Larrissa Waters."
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