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April 2015

Myrhh - Commiphora Myrrha

MYRHH (also known as Commiphora Myrrha)

Myrrh is a resin that comes from a large shrub that grows in rocky terrain. Throughout ancient history it was as highly valued as gold. At times, when scarce, its value rose even higher than gold.

The word Myrrh comes from the Aramaic, to mean 'bitter'. It has a mild sweet, woody and balsamic smell. It has been used for perfume, incense and medicine over the years.

This is an essential oil that I use a lot at home. It is one of the ones that I always keep in my first aid kit as well. As a household application it could be applied to floors, kitchen/bathroom surfaces and walls for keeping bacteria at bay.

One of its best known uses is as an antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, especially for the mouth. Used in a mouthwash/gargle it helps to relieve gum disease and tooth ache. It is also beneficial for slow healing wounds, such as ulcers and weeping eczema. I like to use it on cuts and abrasions. The essential oil can also be effective for drying out mucus associated with respiratory infections.

Myrrh blends quite nicely with Clove, Frankincense, Mint and Citrus. It is believed that it can induce menstruation, therefore it is best avoided during pregnancy.

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