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June 2014

Writings from Denise Leicester - Ila Spa

The founder of Ila - Denise Leicester (who I mentioned in my previous post) writes a little more on the topic of chemicals in products in her own blog.

This is certainly something that people should be thinking about as the skin is our largest organ and dalily it is assaulted with a barage of lotions, potions and pollution. It is from my own negative experience with commercial products that led me down the path I am on today. I love aromatherapy and it is a wonderful joy that I receive from creating my own blends. If you can't make it yourself be sure to ask the right questions about what you are purchasing. You'll realise that you don't need half the things in your bathroom cabinet and what you do have is probably a waste of money.

I will soon be making products to purchase. If you are interested before I have anything available up on my site please contact me to see if we can come to some arrangement. I am happy to make small quantities to order.

Product Choice

To successfully operate a small, part time business takes a lot of management. For Nature & Nurture much thought is given to purchases that need to be made, such as what products to choose.

Although in an indeal world I would love to be able to offer clients organic products I know that it would not be viable for my pocket or yours. I am also aware from experience that the 'organic seal of approval' does not always mean the best product available. I had the pleasure of working in a spa that used products painstakingly created with care and love from ila ( Their products are not organic but are labelled 'beyond organic'. The reason behind this is that on their quest around the globe, searching for the most pure and ethical ingredients they realised that some plants, although given the organic approval, were grown in undesireable locations. Roses from Bulgaria can be found in fields beside roads with heavy traffic (causing all sorts of pollution and contaminants to land on these living, breathing organisms). In the U.K. the Soil Association certifies these roses organic but that is only really addressing the absence of chemicals used in the soil.

I use Plant Essentials based right here in Australia because I would like to support an Australian business. I have been bery pleased with their range, their service and their oils.

Below is an extract from their website:
"Where possible we source local, organically farmed & wild crafted ingredients, or we search afar for top quality community produced ingredients. We use recyclable packaging, & most products can be refilled in store for a discount. These products are not only better for the environment, but better for you. We prefer to choose cruelty free products & ingredients. We are constantly looking for ways we can limit our impact on our precious environment. Using plant derived raw, organic & simple safe ingredients for all the family. With No animal testing. No parabens, No sulphates, No synthetic preservatives, No mineral oils."

I'm happy with that and I hope that you are too!

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