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February 2014

Vetivert Essential Oil

VETIVERT (also known as Vetivera Zizanoides)

Vetivert is a strong and woody oil with sweet, honey like qualities. It can be known to be very calming and balancing. It is often used as an anti-anxiety aid and to treat depression. It blends extremely well with Jasmine, Neroli, Orange, Patchouli, Petitgrain and Rose. It can overpower a blend so only a little is needed. I choose to use it time and again and find that it works beautifully in unison with my favourite oil; mandarin.

Vetivert is often used in cosmetics, perfumes and body soaps. In ancient times it was used in the Far East as perfume, often by men as it does not have the floral scent that many other essential oils share.

It is not known to have any cautions and is non-sensitising, nor-irritating and non-toxic.
As with mandarin I truly love this oil and I often choose it for my clients.

Mandarin Oil - Citrus Reticulata

I have decided that I would like to share with you some of my favourite essential oils as I have a great love for aromatherapy.

To begin with I would like to write a little about:
MANDARIN (also known as Citrus Reticulata) from the Rutacea Family.

It is a beautiful, fresh, citrus oil that can be very warming and uplifting. It is often used as a sedative as it has a very calming effect. It blends extremely well with other oils (especially when using for a massage) and can lift a heavier blend to make it more pleasurable. It compliments both the summer and winter seasons because it's such a refreshing oil.

It is often used in cosmetics, perfumes and body sprays. It has no known cautions or side effects and can even be used (further diluted) for small children and babies.

I truly love this oil and I often choose it for my clients when i'm creating a blend for their massage treatment.
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