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Active Birth Preparation
& Postnatal Support

 $190 per couple
Appointments in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Bellingen and the greater Coffs Harbour area.

Active Birth Preparation and Support is available by appointment (as a mobile option) most weekends and evenings as well as all day Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

The cost is $190 for a single session (which is all that is needed) and can last from 3-5hrs depending on:
*the flow of the day &
*prior knowledge of the content etc.
We will work at a pace that generally best suits the pregnant mumma, stopping for  questions, demonstrations and refreshments.

Learn about: Breathing, Meditation, Gentle Exercise, Correct Posture, Active Birth, Rebozo Work, Aromatherapy, Massage, Acupressure & Belly  Binding, Anatomy & Physiology

Pregnant Mother Artwork(Unknown Artist)

*Understand how the mumma and bubba's bodies work together during labour/birth and how to facilitate this.

*Find out what to expect postpartum and how to adapt once bubba has arrived.

*Walk away feeling supported through this process by your own understanding and the knowledge/practical skills acquired by your birth supporters. (Hard copies available of relevant info).

Labour/Birth AffirmationsSashi Hesson

FIMBRIAE - found at the end of the fallopian tube to help move the egg from the ovary down towards the womb.

Fimbriae - Woman's Reproductive Organs

Photography by Lennart Nilson

Baby Wearing - snuggled up in a sling.

The Fourth Trimester(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

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